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Digital Awareness UK launches Adaptive Learning Digital Wellness Courses

Digital Awareness UK has partnered with Area9 Lyceum to launch a series of digital wellbeing courses designed to support remote workers and families

January 30, 2021

Digital Awareness UK has partnered with world leading adaptive learning platform Area9 Lyceum to launch a series of digital wellness courses designed to help remote workers and parents use technology in a healthy and productive way.

The course contains five modules :

  • Posture Wellness: Avoid issues such as neck and back pain as we share tips on creating your optimum remote-working environment
  • Digital Eye Strain: Learn about the impact screens can have on our eyes and what steps you can take to help prevent digital eye strain
  • Sleep & Screens: Inspiration on how to achieve a good night's sleep at a time when emails, social media feeds and news alerts can lead to poor sleep hygiene
  • Finding Balance: Understand how to set boundaries and use tech consciously to improve your productivity, health and wellbeing
  • Social Media Crash Course for Parents: Developed for parents to highlight the risks and rewards associated with popular social media apps TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat

Click here to access the courses and learn more:

A message from the founders:

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