At Digital Awareness UK we focus on driving positive cultural change in digital wellbeing, whether that’s through our work with young people, content, events, research, consultancy or campaigning for the causes we believe in.  


We reach thousands of young people, parents and educators each week through our interactive workshops and global events programme


We create 'groundbreaking' education resources aimed at empowering schools and families


we partner with leading organisations to produce innovative content and campaigns  


Our team of tech experts and insiders are regularly weighing in on matters related to digital wellbeing in the media


As Co-Founder of Digital Awareness UK, Emma has been seen passionately campaigning in the media and in schools around the world. Prior to this she spent 10 years working as a social media consultant managing the online reputations of a number of high profile brands – from Coca-Cola to Barclays to Microsoft, as well as celebrities, politicians and business leaders. She uses the knowledge she has from the corporate world and insights from the work she delivers on the ground in schools every day to advise students, parents and teachers on digital wellbeing.

Emma Robertson

Charlotte Robertson

As a YouTuber, Charlotte Robertson has created videos that have been viewed and shared by millions, has featured in documentaries exploring the lives of YouTubers (such as Sky 1’s OAP Internet Virgins) and speaks to thousands of students every week about responsible use of technology. This allows her to thrive in the digital world but most importantly it helps her to understand and share her insights around how young people can engage in social media in a positive way.

In partnership with Vodafone, Digital Awareness UK deliver events to parents in communities across the country. We also create social media content for their Digital Parenting Hub to help parents and carers make informed choices around digital living.


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Digital Awareness UK is HMC's strategic online safety partner and we've teamed up to create the #TechControl campaign, which promotes safe and responsible use of technology.
Dubbed "groundbreaking" by the Daily Mail
We partnered with Girl's Day School Trust to create a unique video series to help parents and children stay safe online. The series consists of six short films for parents and six matching films for children to empower families to use social media safely and responsibly


We regularly campaign in the media for more to be done to empower young people to be safe online, using the insights we have working in schools every day. If you need a one of our award winning spokespeople to provide commentary in the media, get in touch.



Digital Awareness UK is on a mission to empower people to enjoy using technology safely. As part of that mission we collaborate with organisations who share our vision.