We work with a range of partners to create impactful content and campaigns.

Tech Control Part 2

Following the success of Tech Control in 2017, we worked with HMC to launch a series of free video and school resources to promote the safe and responsible use of technology and social media. The video we created showcased the stories of three teenagers who have lived through over-use of technology to make it work for them in exciting and successful ways, from gaming through to music production. It was promoted on social media and through awareness-raising campaigns in the media.

Digital Trends Report

As part of our Tech Control campaign in partnership with HMC, we carried out some in-depth research to identify some of the biggest tech trends and challenges impacting young people in 2019. These included Sadfishing and the rise of anonymous apps amongst other things. We produced a written report and video whilst also being spokespeople for the campaign which achieved mass media coverage.

Vodafone Digital Parenting

In partnership with Vodafone, we delivered a number of workshops and webinars to parents in communities across the country. We also created social media content for their Digital Parenting website to help parents make informed choices around digital living.

GDST Live My Digital

We partnered with Girl's Day School Trust to create a unique video series, fronted by our Founders Emma and Charlotte, to help parents and children protect themselves from critical issues such as online abuse and identity theft.

Tech Control

In 2017 we worked closely with HMC to undertake research, surveying over 5,000 pupils and parents to better understand attitudes and behaviours relating to tech use. The survey results showed “Over a third (36%) of children have asked their parents to stop checking their mobile devices” along with many other shocking stats, highlighting the need for further support given to families and young people in and out of school. We used those insights to create a series of lesson plans and video resources.

Vodafone Group Cybercode for Families

We worked with Vodafone Group to create a series of videos for Vodafone employees showing real families have real conversations about managing some of the most challenging digital issues of our time – everything from oversharing through to digital wellbeing and scams.

Our Experts

We work with industry leaders who help us to create innovative and forward thinking school programmes and resources.

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Our Story

Digital Awareness was founded by Emma and Charlotte Robertson. As digital rights activists, the sisters can regularly be seen campaigning in the media, in parliament and in schools and organisations around the world to empower young people to survive and thrive online.

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