Devices are front and centre - and we know making good choices isn't always easy! But we won't stop until the world feels as positive about tech as we do.

Digital Awareness was founded by the award winning sisters Emma and Charlotte Robertson.

Their love for technology coupled with their passion for tackling issues such as hate speech, misinformation and addiction led them to build a team of experts who work with organisations ranging from the UN Refugee Agency to Vodafone Foundation to Barclays to help people use technology positively.

Digital Awareness UK has reached and empowered millions through its educational content and resources, creative campaigns and keynote addresses.

The sisters can regularly be seen campaigning in the media, in parliament and in schools and organisations around the world to empower people to survive and thrive online.

Prior to this, as a YouTuber, Charlotte's videos have been viewed and shared by millions and has featured in TV documentaries exploring the lives of influencers. Emma's background was in social media consultancy, managing the online reputations of brands, celebrities and business leaders.


Meet the experts

Online Safety

Charlotte & Emma

Emma and Charlotte Robertson are the award-winning Co-Founders of Digital Awareness UK. As digital rights activists, the sisters can regularly be seen campaigning in the media, in parliament and in schools and organisations around the world to empower young people to survive and thrive online.

Ethical Hacker


Security architect and hacker. Stampy is a favourite in our schools and uses his expert knowledge to create cutting edge resources and experiences for young people.



E-sports performance coach who works with us to create positive and inspiring content with us around healthy gaming.

Sexting & Relationships


An expert in young people's digital, sexual and relational cultures, Emily works with us both on the content side and in the classroom.

diversity & inclusion


Eleanor is passionate about empowering youth and inspiring positive cultural change online. She works with us to deliver impactful campaigns and resources.



Francois advises on the impact of screens on our eye health and how to get the most out of screens without compromising our productivity.

“Their enthusiasm was infectious; empowering our staff and students, whilst providing our parents with recent research-based data to support their thoughtful and balanced suggestions.“

The British School, Tokyo

“The positive message about using technology really resonated with our students. The advice was simple, effective and not widely known. The boys and staff all learnt something new!”

Kings College School, UK

“Their passion, knowledge and ability to engage with a whole range of audiences as effectively as they do is a tremendous strength and fundamental to their success.”

St Christopher’s School, Bahrain

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