Working from home? Try screen-free lunches

Now that we're all getting into the swing of working from home, it might be time to pause and think about whether we're experiencing screen time overload and how we can find some balance.

Scientists recommend that we take breaks from screens every 40 minutes, giving our eyes and brains a well earned rest. At a minimum we'd recommend having a proper lunch break away from all screens - 30 minutes sitting in the sun (hopefully) by the window or even on the doorstep with some decent grub is just what the doctor ordered. 

Finding reasons to have a break may be challenging, especially when our natural instinct is to use that time to reply to messages or scroll through social media. Try writing a list of 5 minute activities you can do to break up your day; yoga, playing with your pet, reading short stories or even watering the plants......AGAIN!

What will you do with your 30 minutes of tech-free time?