How is your social life playing out online?

The "COVID-19 lockdown" really has shown us just how amazing technology can be. We may not be able to go to gigs, have coffees with friends or attend birthday parties but all is not lost - Houseparty, Whats App and Zoom, to name a few, have certainly stepped in to save the day!

Picnics on the living room floor, quiz nights from the sofa and dance parties from the comfort of your bed. Who would have thought grandparents and great grandparents would be getting involved?!

We're watching the biggest social experiment play out in front of our eyes! At Digital Awareness UK, we're watching all this closely and will be conducting research later in the year to get to grips with how COVID-19 has impacted the ways in which we socialise. We're particularly interested in finding out how this will change the ways in which we work and play once this moment in history has passed.

For those of you who are new to the likes of Houseparty, do have a quick Google around before hand to make sure you are using it safely with all the right security settings in check and enjoy making the most of it!