Can mindfulness apps reduce COVID-19 anxiety?

The sun is shining and spring is finally here, but you might be struggling to think about anything other than COVID-19, especially with our apps and devices bombarding us with constant updates. Meditation and mindfulness are tried and tested methods that are proven to improve our overall wellbeing. Something as simple as deep breathing and thinking of......well.....NOTHING for 10 minutes each day, can be incredibly beneficial. With hundreds of mindfulness apps to choose from, we'd recommend that you download one of our favourites, the Headspace App to reset yourself at the start of each day and to drive away any anxieties that might be creeping in. They also have a version for children - Headspace for Kids that might be worth trying out if you have kids at home during this time. All you need is a quiet space and a mobile device for a moment of well deserved 'me time'.